Rose Swisher, Bill Russell’s first wife and an NBA legend

_Rose Swisher, Bill Russell's first wife and an NBA legend

Who was Rose Swisher, Bill Russell’s first wife and an NBA legend?

Bill Russell’s first wife was Rose Swisher.

On December 9, 1956, Rose and Bill Russell exchanged vows. After that, they gave birth to three kids: Karen Russell, William Russell Jr., and Jacob Russell. Rose and Bill separated in 1973 and Rose requested a divorce, citing their irreconcilable differences. There is no way to explain the shape Bill would be in if it weren’t for me, Rose once stated of him. He would be gone by now. The public is less familiar with Rose’s friendship with NBA star Bill Russell than they should be. We will provide you with all the information you want about her, directly from Bill Russell’s 1985 autobiography My Life, My Road.

Bill Russell’s Wife

Finding interest in NBA player Bill Russell’s personal life is not difficult. The wife of Bill Russell is the same way. On December 9, 1956, the day her spouse joined with the Boston Celtics, she got married to Russell. In the end, Rose and Bill separated in 1973. Rose, who graced the covers of “Ebony” magazine and fashion runways, was one of the first African-American supermodels of the 1950s and 1960s. She gained a lot of popularity for representing Maybelline Cosmetics. Bill wed Rose in Cincinnati in 1961, and they had two kids together. In 1972, Karen, their daughter, was born, and the couple divorced five years later.  Rose, a Chicago native who studied at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, rose to prominence as a social activist in the 1960s. She participated in the anti-Vietnam War student demonstrations. Rose campaigned for social justice all of her life.

About Bill Russell

In 1961–1962, the first year that NBA players could negotiate their contracts, he made almost $450,000, more than any other player in the league. Son of sharecropper Prince Rupert Russell and his wife Julia, Bill Russell was born and reared in West Monroe, Louisiana.  Bill lived in an area that was generally underprivileged. He plucked cotton on his grandparents’ farm when he was little. He alternated between trousers and shirts once a week since he only possessed two pairs of trousers and two shirts to last him the entire year.


Bill Russell’s first wife, Rose Swisher, died at the age of 86. She is survived by her daughter Karen Russell, who is wed to wealthy businessman Dikembe Mutombo, and her son William.

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