world’s largest banks in 2023 based on total assets

world’s largest banks: With $5.5 trillion in total assets, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited is the largest bank in the world. Given its size and dominance, it is not surprise that ICBC China has received high marks for financial stability and profitability. To determine the largest banks in the world, we looked at the asset sizes of corporations that offer services to consumers and small businesses. Some examples of a bank’s assets are the number of loans, mortgages, and credit card accounts it owns. This information is the most recent for the main banks as of January 30th, 2023.


With assets of more than $3.3 trillion, JPMorgan Chase & the sixth-biggest bank in the world and the largest bank in the United States.
The main office of the bank is located in New York City. The Bank of the Manhattan Company, now JPMorgan Chase & Co., was founded in 1799. (NYSE: JPM). The top banks in the world according to asset size are listed below, with a combined base of assets above $1 trillion.

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