Discover How to Use TikTok’s New “Series” Paywall Feature

Recently, TikTok’s Paywall Feature announced that it will be launching a new “Series” feature that would allow selected producers to hide premium videos behind a paywall that viewers could purchase.

However through in-video links or a creator’s profile, the content can be bought by the producers. Additionally, TikTokers will be allowed to keep all of their earnings (after fees). There is no doubt that individuals creating content for the app will have lucrative opportunities.

So if you’re interested in learning more about and using TikTok’s new feature, Series, this post will teach you everything you need to know about it. including its attributes, benefits, and eligibility conditions.

The new ‘Series’ video paywall feature on TikTok is unveiled.

With the addition of the “Series” feature, TikTok now gives users the ability to place a paywall in front of entire collections of videos. It costs between 99 cents and $189.99 to unlock it, according to sources.

Yet, millions of people use the video platform globally, and fresh content is consistently posted.

In March, TikTok unveiled a brand-new feature called “Series” that will enable producers to lock their movies behind a paywall.

Creators are able to publish collections of premium material. There can be up to 80 videos in one series, each of which can be up to 20 minutes long. A paywall will need to be broken down in order for users to access this material.

How Are TikTok Series Operated?

TikTok Series is a fresh way for app developers to monetize their content. With the Series function, creators can upload material in collections of up to 80 videos. Also, each film is up to 20 minutes long. It differs somewhat from the app’s usual short-form structure. Up until now, videos could only be 10 minutes long. How-to videos on beauty, skincare, cooking, exercise, humorous sketches, and other topics are examples of the type of content that may be found online.

The feature is currently only available to a small number of creators. Yet in the following months, fresh creator applications will be welcomed. in addition to taking part and contributing footage for the Series.

How Do I Make Use of the TikTok “Series” Feature?

Currently, the capability is only available to a select few artists.  The premium content is available for purchase to viewers via direct in-video links or the creator’s profile.

The platform guaranteed that creators would receive 100% of their earnings for a “limited time”. Which consumers may purchase and have access to directly within videos or through a creator’s profile,” TikTok stated.

Producers can give audiences another option to support them while also developing their relationships with their fans by using series. A creative person could only express themselves and generate money on the network before that. It was funded through the Creation Fund. Also, it depended on live donations from spectators that might be converted into actual cash.

Who is the TikTok Series available to?

It is presently uncertain which content creators will be able to take part in the TikTok Series. Thus, we suggest following TikTok’s newsroom to stay up to date.

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