Concerning flower bomb Perfume the Dossier

It is the most popular scent among all perfume enthusiasts worldwide. It smells quite expensive. Compared to the original Flower bomb scent, Dossier’s version is far less expensive. It is an exact duplicate that is extremely similar to the original in terms of notes and aroma. Gourmand White Flower is the name of Dossier’s creation. Dossier’s Flower bomb costs less than the original counterpart. That does not, however, imply that it is of worse quality than the original. You can hardly tell the difference between Dossier’s Flower bomb and the original Flower bomb.

It will be challenging for you to distinguish between the two bottles when you open them! Dossier’s Flower bomb has a flowery scent as well. Dossier was founded with the intention of creating a high-end fragrance at a lower cost than competing premium labels. Flower bomb perfume is available for as little as $29. It’s a luxury brand of perfume that makes consumers want to purchase more. The good news is that individuals may purchase the perfume even more easily because of its reasonable pricing. Dossier’s flower bomb is a fantastic substitute for the real flower bomb if you can’t buy it. In addition, the scent is placed into a conveniently removable, firmly sealed bottle. The bottle has a black pattern that is eye-catching on its own.

Concerning the First Flower bomb

The original flower bomb is manufactured by a well-known high-end apparel company. Two friends founded this apparel line following their graduation from a prestigious university. They established themselves and brought the fashion brand to success. After showcasing their couture creations, the two managed to accomplish these remarkable accomplishments. Following that, both grads developed the flower bomb perfume line, which took the market by storm. They have a group of individuals working with them to ensure the product’s success. It is an expensive, long-lasting product for the wearer. Flower bomb was made for those who can afford to spend a lot of money on fragrances. It’s a feminine, flowery cosmetic product designed to pique the senses.

The concept was to keep the distinctive brand’s essence contained in a container. Strong floral, citruses, woods, spices, musk, and roses are all combined in Flower bomb. That is, it smells sensually like a combination of spicy, musky, powdery, flowery, and citric notes. The firm may have utilized animal materials to make the perfume, which is the sole issue with the original Flower bomb. This indicates that it’s likely that some animals were tortured in order to get what was necessary. The company has never explicitly stated whether or not it solely uses vegan components. This has led to conjectures that they most likely used animal products. Furthermore, this is not a sustainable method of production.

Where to Purchase Flower bomb by Dossier

You may purchase Dossier’s fragrances on their website, The website was created in 2018 and features an easy-to-use layout that makes purchasing fragrances simple. Consumers are free to peruse the offerings or try out the different smells. The goods are well-made and reasonably priced. The majority of the items in Dossier’s fragrance collections are exact duplicates of the original scents. The scents that Dossier imitates are identical to the originals, or quite similar. Additionally, the brand offers the items for a lower cost.

One of the items on the website is Flower bomb perfume Furthermore, Dossier doesn’t overcharge for its products only because it is a well-known brand. As previously said, you may get Flower bomb online from Dossier’s website and have it delivered right to your home. If buyers would like to return the perfume they purchased, there is a return policy. You will probably be happy with Gourmand White Flower, thus it is doubtful that you will return it. Read customer reviews and comments about the product before deciding what to buy.

Thousands of people have posted good reviews for Gourmand, Dossier’s take on Flower bomb, as you can see. Well, other fragrances on Dossier’s virtual store have received just as many positive ratings as Gourmand. For every gender, Dossier offers a large selection of perfumes with hundreds of glowing reviews.

Components Used to Create Dossier’s Flower bomb

Dossier has always been a company that supports items made without using animals and speaks out against animal abuse. The firm applies its core values into its operations, living up to its words. Its manufacture of fragrances devoid of animal testing is evidence of this. Every Dossier product, including flower bomb, is vegan and free of any animal components. They don’t damage the environment or injure customers.

You may recycle the bottle after utilizing Dossier’s perfumes that come in a bottle. This is as a result of the bottles’ use of environmentally friendly materials in their construction. Dossier won’t part with the bottle, even if you return it because you’d like a different perfume. Dossier will donate the returned item to a worthy cause.

The Principal Aroma and Components of Gourmand

Dossier is mostly, just, a flowery fragrance. However, this does not imply that it is devoid of other smells. Gourmand is designed to help women reconnect with their femininity. Gourmand fills women with a scent that envelops them without overpowering them. It also makes them feel cozy.

Dossier contains only plant-based and plant-derived components. There are no signs of animal products or byproducts present. Patchouli, vanilla, fruits, floral, musk, and caramel are among the constituents. The blend of these components gives Gourmand a same fragrance to the original flower bomb. The difference between Dossier’s and the original flower bomb is never discernible.

Why Buying The Product Is Not a Bad Idea for the Fragrance:

Initially, purchase the goods only for its distinct aroma. Gourmand is for you if you’re the gregarious sort, enjoy going out, or just want a feminine perfume. Including this item in your assortment of perfumes will not be a mistake.

There Is No ostentation in the Packaging:

The fragrance is contained in a simple, sparsely constructed bottle. You will also be drawn to the bottle at first sight since it is so adorable. Dossier attaches a magnet to the Bootle’s cap, which facilitates the cap’s simple attachment to the body when the scent is closed. It will thus be challenging for the aroma to dissipate or leave unless you open the top.

A perfume with a magnetic cap is not common. In a similar vein, Dossier selects a basic bundle. This is so they can sell their goods for less money as it will lower their production costs. On Dossier’s website, hundreds of reviews have been written.


Dossier has often shown that a product’s low cost does not always translate into high quality. Dossier wants its goods to be affordable for people in all financial situations. Thus, Gourmand and any other Dossier fragrance are inexpensive to purchase. When you purchase many bottles, you might even save more money. Furthermore, even though a bottle costs less than $1, Dossier doesn’t skimp on the amount within. Before you drain the bottle, you can spray as much as you like. This is a clever marketing tactic to draw in thrifty yet stylish consumers.

Even with all the advantages of owning Gourmand that have been mentioned above, there is one thing you should be aware of. The flower bomb brand from Dossier doesn’t last as long as the original. Therefore, in order for it to last a day, you must reapply the spray on your body. But fear not—this characteristic makes Gourmand ideal for layering. Gourmand can be layered with another Dossier fragrance. Just make sure the alternative fragrance you select won’t fade as quickly as Gourmand. After that, you may enjoy a perfume that is exclusive to you all day.

Is It Possible to Wear the Fragrance?

Regardless of the season or time of day, you may apply the perfume. It is not necessary to wait for a certain season to utilize it. The fragrance of this product goes well with whatever outfit you wear for any event, which is another benefit of using it. In other words, you can spray Gourmand if you’re dressing up for a party. Alternatively, to finish your appearance if you have to go to the beach, spray Gourmand.

This is true for going on a girls’ night out or a date. Your acquaintances will notice how well you smell and inquire as to where you purchased the perfume.

Will the Dossier Flower bomb and Original Perfume remain available in the market?

Because of its price, a lot of customers are worried that the flower bomb perfume would be removed off the market. They don’t need to worry, since Dossier still intends to provide mass-market scents that are high-quality, reasonably priced, and ecologically sustainable. The original edition was the same in this regard as well. In 2022, the original flower bomb is still on the market, despite being older than Gourmand.

Furthermore, its popularity has not decreased. So you may locate both the original and Dossier Gourmand perfumes online and buy whatever you wish. Remember that Dossier is just as good, if not better, than the original flower bomb.


Last but not least, flower bomb perfume is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a wonderful and reasonably priced fragrance. Don’t put off treating yourself to this scent. You won’t experience a significant financial loss if you purchase Gourmand. So go ahead and get one today, smell good, and let everyone around you be amazed by your aroma.

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